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Looking for a good job where you can earn a decent income and build your skills? CCS Staffing Services can help. We work with employers who need people who are punctual, reliable and not afraid of a little hard work.

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Flexibility.  Employees want it.  Businesses need it.  And as a staffing firm we can provide it.  In addition to flexibility we offer our employees additional income, valuable work experience or a bridge to permanent employment.  Many employees take temporary or contract assignments as a bridge to permanent jobs – and succeed!

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We’ve got long-term relationships with great companies in industries like construction, mining, utilities and manufacturing in the Cibola and McKinley County areas. They trust us to find hard-working, dependable people for their jobs – some of which are never advertised.

The types of jobs we fill include entry level, skilled and semi-skilled positions including:

  • Clerical / Admin.
  • Equipment Operators
  • Construction Trades
  • Drivers
  • Janitorial
  • Laborers
  • Mechanics
  • Security
  • Skilled Industrial
  • Warehouse

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out one of our applications. They are available in our office or call to request one by mail or email. Complete all sections and provide good contact information. A current resume is also encouraged. Our team of consultants will review your skills and qualifications and we will contact you to discuss next steps if we have a client with criteria that matches.

The next steps may include a brief interview or screening with one of our staffing professionals, computer testing to determine skill levels, reference checks, a background check, or a drug screen (hair analysis). Not every assignment requires each of these steps.

Pay rates vary, depending on the requirements of the job, and what the client companies are willing and able to pay. Pay rates can be set by the client or may be negotiated between CCS and the client.

This is a difficult question to answer as work opportunities may change daily. Job placements are made based on the needs of our client companies. Availability of work is unpredictable and cannot be guaranteed.

No. We will not charge you a fee for making a job placement. There is no fee to be listed in our employee database or to be featured in our Available Talent section.

Employees working through CCS are paid once every two weeks on Friday. We offer direct deposit and a variety of other options to guarantee your paycheck is delivered in a timely manner.

While it is not necessary to call in every day, we recommend that you communicate with us regularly. Be assured that we will keep you informed as matching opportunities arise. Let us know if you have a change of phone number or mailing address. Work often comes up on short notice and we need to be able to reach you quickly.

Yes. If you are not interested in the work, or if the location, pay rate, or some other aspect of the job makes you hesitant to accept, it is okay to decline. This does not mean we will not call you again.